The Incredible GR8TR Grinder Now Available

We are happy to announce the Kannastör GR8TR Grinders are now available for purchase in our store! The GR8TR is a groundbreaking new grinder design that does more in grinder innovation than what has happened in the last 30 years. From top to bottom, the GR8TR has redefined what a grinder is meant to be. It features a hidden storage compartment in the grinder top where you can store fresh or already ground herbs.
Kannastör GR8TR Jar Grinder
The replaceable grater plates lets you choose which consistency and density your finished grind should have. The GR8TR Jar Grinder and GR8TR Solid Grinder both come with two GR8TR plates, one optimized for vaporizers (very fine grind) and one optimized for hand rolled and pipe use (course grind). When not in use, the second grater plate can be stored inside the top lid.
Kannastör GR8TR Solid Grinder
The GR8TR is easy to use and shreds and presses the herbs at the same time. Very little force is needed to grind through bigger loads thanks to the Micro-Teeth Design. The storage bowl is very deep on the GR8TR Grinder and completely smell proof. A replaceable mesh screen (available in four mesh sizes) lets you collect pollen in the bottom catcher.
Kannastör GR8TR Jar Grinder Storage Puck
If you want to take your ground material with you, simply unscrew the lid and attach it to the storage chamber and your grinder turns into a portable storage puck. The GR8TR is completely modular and all GR8TR parts from the different models can be used interchangeably. No matter if you hand roll or vaporize, the GR8TR will change your perception of what a grinder can be forever.


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