Aerospaced Four Piece 63mm Grinder


Custom engineered grinder crafted from a single piece of solid high quality aircraft grade aluminum. The diameter of the sift holes are larger than average and more plentiful to prevent clogging. Precision engineering accomplishes an almost airtight seal to prevent smells from escaping the grinder. Smooth operation is ensured thanks to two high strength double magnets.

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The grinder is milled from a single piece of aluminum and has ultra-fine cuts, angles and margins for supreme quality and finish. The grinder creates an almost airtight seal to protect your ground up aromatherapy blend from the threats of humidity, smell and sunlight.


  • CNC milled from solid aluminum block
  • Twice as many and larger sift holes
  • Razor sharp teeth
  • Pollen catcher
  • Carrying pouch




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