What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device used to gently heat aromatherapy blends in order to create vapor. The vapor produced by a vaporizer consists of water vapor and essential oils contained in the aromatherapy blend. A vaporizer never combusts the aromatherapy blend, preventing you from inhaling carcinogens, soot, carbons and other hazardous particles that are detrimental to your health and commonly found in smoke.

How the Heating Works

Vaporizers employ several different methods for creating vapor. All methods rely on transferring heat through the aromatherapy blend. The difference lies in how the heat is transferred.

Convection Heating

Convection vaporizers use radiant heat and hot air in order to produce vapor. The heat producing source is usually separated from the aromatherapy blend to prevent unintentional vaporization. A convection vaporizer normally employs super-heated air which is pushed through the aromatherapy blend on demand. As the super-heated air passes through the blend it immediately releases water vapor in which the plant’s essential oils are suspended. Besides using hot air, other convection methods include: halogen light bulbs, radiant heat production and electromagnetism.

Conduction Heating

Conduction heating is the traditional way of heating a material. Conduction vaporizers apply direct heat to the aromatherapy blend and use temperature control in order to prevent combustion. The heat is commonly transferred to the aromatherapy blend using a ceramic, stainless steel or glass heating chamber, into which the aromatherapy blend is placed. The walls of the chamber will become super-heated and transfer the heat directly to the aromatherapy blend. Combustion is avoided by controlling the amount of heat produced. Some vaporizers lets the user control the amount of heat applied, some use pre-configured temperature levels and the most basic vaporizers apply constant heat and the user needs to manually switch the heat off to prevent combustion.

Types of Vaporizers

Electronic vaporizers are commonly divided into two categories: Desktop Vaporizers and Portable Vaporizers. The difference between desktop and portable vaporizers is quite obvious: portable vaporizers are easy to carry around and run on batteries, while desktop vaporizers are bigger, run on wall power and tend to be more powerful.

Desktop Vaporizers

Herbalizer Vaporizer

Desktop Vaporizers run on AC power and connects to your wall. They tend to be large and are intended for home-use. Desktop Vaporizers are superior at producing vapor because of their size and power. They are not constrained by batteries and can freely apply as much power as the user needs. Desktop Vaporizers are ideal for several people to enjoy vaporizing aromatherapy blends together because of their ability to produce significant amounts of vapor.

Portable Vaporizers


Portable Vaporizers are excellent for those who wish to vaporize on the go. They run on battery power and can be easily brought around without the requirement of being connected to the wall. Certain Portable Vaporizers can be used while charging, effectively eliminating the problem of not being able to vaporize when the battery runs out. Portable Vaporizers commonly do not produce as much or as high quality vapor as Desktop Vaporizers, but progress is being made every day at constantly making better, more powerful and more efficient Portable Vaporizer designs. For advice on which vaporizer to buy, contact us and we can give you recommendations.

Vapor Transfer Systems

In order to transfer the vapor to the user’s mouth, vaporizers tend to use one of two methods: Forced Air and Direct Draw.

Forced Air

Arizer Solo Balloon

Forced Air vaporizers use an air pump in order to blow super-heated air over the aromatherapy blend. When the hot air interacts with the aromatherapy it causes water and essential oils to vaporize into a vapor cloud. This vapor cloud is then pumped into either a balloon or a hose which the user inhales from. Forced Air vaporizers are great because they remove the requirement of using lung power in order to enjoy vapor. They are highly recommended for those who have weak lungs or wish to produce large amounts of vapor at a time for later consumption.

Direct Draw

Direct Draw vaporizers do not have an air pump. Instead, the user inhales directly from the device and uses lung power in order to receive the vapor. Some Direct Draw vaporizer systems will be of the conduction type, meaning that vapor is constantly produced and housed in the heating chamber. Whenever the user inhales, they receive the vapor that was already produced. Other Direct Draw vaporizers use convection heating and instantly heat the vapor upon recognizing the user’s breath. There will typically be a sensor in these vaporizers that engage the heating element as soon as the user starts breathing.

Remember, you can always ask us if you have any questions about which vaporizer to buy or which system is best suited for your needs. Simply contact us and we would be more than happy help you.

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