Aquafina Stash Safe Diversion Bottle


A stash safe lets you store your valuables in plain sight. Each safe has a hidden compartment while looking just like an ordinary beverage. Our safes are hand made from real containers and are impossible to distinguish. Perfect in your car, on the beach or in your refrigerator.

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The Aquafina Stash Safe Diversion Bottle is impossible to distinguish from a real Aquafina water bottle. The top part and bottom part of the bottle contains water. A simple twist of the top part reveals a hidden compartment behind the Aquafina label. This is a dry compartment ideal for storing valuables, money or jewelry.

This stash safe is great for the car, the beach or inside your refrigerator.


  • Handcrafted from a real Aquafina bottle
  • Good for holding cash and jewelry
  • Weighs the same as a full bottle
  • Undetectable screw off top
  • Hide your valuable in plain sight


1 x 24 oz Aquafina Stash Safe Diversion Bottle

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