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Store your valuables in plain sight with a Stash Safe Diversion Bottle. Each bottle has a secret compartment in the bottom, while the top section holds the beverage. Our safes are impossible to distinguish from a regular premium water bottle. Perfect in your car, on the beach or in your refrigerator.

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The Stash-It Stainless Steel Stash Safe Diversion Bottle is impossible to distinguish from a real premium stainless steel water bottle. The top part of the bottle features a waterproof compartment that holds water like a regular bottle. The lid can be unscrewed and the beverage inside can be consumed normally. A simple twist of the bottom part reveals the hidden compartment below the water tank. This is a dry compartment ideal for storing valuables, money or jewelry.

This stash safe is great for the car, the beach or inside your refrigerator.

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  • Created out of Stainless Steel
  • Good for holding cash and jewelry
  • Undetectable secret compartment
  • Hold regular water and can be used as a bottle
  • Hide your valuable in plain sight


1 x Stash-It Diversion Bottle Stash Safe

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1 review for Stainless Steel Stash Safe Bottle

  1. Sheril (verified owner)

    Decent product, the storage compartment is compact, serves the purpose. Will fail a careful observer’s inspection though

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