Minirig Sub 3


The world’s smallest portable rechargeable subwoofer with 80 hours of battery life. Handmade in the United Kingdom. Sold in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

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Complete your Minirig 3 portable HiFi system with the Minirig Sub 3. The Minirig Sub 3 is the smallest portable subwoofer in the world. A custom 74mm dual NEO MOTOR driver along with a 40 watt amplifier is housed in a durable anodized aluminum shell, surrounded by high impact textured ABS. Optimized airflow technology and a custom folded horn design extracts the maximum amount of bass from the package. The subwoofer works in harmony with your Minirig or Minirig Mini to enhance the low end. You can also connect it to other audio sources via 3.5mm line in/out. With the Minirig Sub 3 you don’t just hear the bass, you feel it.

Minirig Sub 3

Optimized airflow technology allows the Minirig Sub 3 to produce the maximum amount of bass for its size. The custom folded horn design pounds out bone shaking bass while keeping to a small, portable form factor. 80 hours of battery life ensures your Minirig Sub 3 doesn’t run out of power and also allows you to charge devices via USB. Dual 3.5mm audio in/out sockets allows a variety of audio configurations.

Sub 3 - Optimised Airflow - 2019

The Minirig Subwoofer is designed, tested and hand built in Bristol, United Kingdom. The passionate team of music enthusiasts and artists behind the Minirig Subwoofer have backgrounds in professional audio, underwater robotics, sonar and high voltage industrial equipment. They came together for a shared love of sound and what started as a DIY project is now the finest portable rechargeable subwoofer in the world.


  • Larger than normal 74mm speaker driver with double neodymium motor, clear natural sound
    and high efficiency.
  • Powerful 40W amplifier with built-in limiter for low distortion.
  • Best in class battery life: Max 80 hours, average 30 hours and minimum 8 hours. 4 to 5 hours charging time.
  • Two 3.5mm sockets which work as both audio inputs and outputs allowing easy daisy chaining and different configuration possibilities.
  • Unique power cable has USB power “in” and USB power “out” to charge the Minirig and to charge other devices, such as smartphones, from the Minirig.
  • Beautiful high quality aluminium tube construction.
  • Minimal industrial design with simple and intuitive single button operation.
  • Designed and made in the United Kingdom.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: W = 101.6mm H = 213mm
Weight: 875g
Driver: Custom 74mm with double neodymium motor system
Frequency response: 48-120Hz
Battery life max volume: 8 hours
Battery life average use: 30 hours
Battery life low volume: 80 hours
Input power: USB (5V DC @ 1500mA)
Output power: USB (5V DC @ 1500mA)
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Audio input/output: 2 x 3.5mm mini jack socket
Construction: Anodise aluminium and high impact ABS
Stand Alone: No, use with Minirig or Minirig Mini
Minirig Sub 3 Diagram


1 x Minirig Sub 3 Subwoofer
1 x Audio Cable
1 x Charger Cable
1 x Case

Delivered in recycled, and recyclable packaging.

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