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The DynaKit Basic is ideal for obtaining all of the replacement parts used with most DynaVap devices. Both types of o-rings are provided in good supply in case any are lost or broken on your device’s condenser and/or tip. In addition, three extra screens are provided as replacements for lost screens. The fat mouthpiece isn’t a replacement for a standard part but can serve as a 14mm water tool adapter. The DynaWax will help lubricate the o-rings for assembly, as well as serving as a great wood conditioner. The pipe cleaners are the perfect tools for cleaning out buildup in the device. Two classic storage tubes are also included.


  • Fat Mouthpiece can be used as 14mm water tool adapter.
  • Spare parts to keep your DynaVap in mint condition.
  • Original DynaVap OEM Product.


3 x Condenser O-Rings
5 x High-Temp O-Rings
3 x Stainless Steel CCD Screens
3 x Stainless Steel CCD Screens
1 x Fat Mouthpiece
1 x DynaWax
5 x Cotton Pipe Cleaners – hard bristle
2 x Storage Tubes

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1 review for DynaVap DynaKit Basic

  1. James

    It’s a good kit, I just wish it included a spare cap as well. Otherwise it’s pretty complete.

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