Cloud Platinum Aqua Bubbler


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The Cloud V Cloud Platinum Aqua Bubbler attachment consists of a high quality glass attachment and a Cloud V Platinum Tornado Globe Atomizer. Custom designed to be used with the Cloud V Cloud Platinum vaporizer.

This bubbler features a non-spill structure. You can conveniently fill the glass bubbler with water and turn upside-down. The water will not leak from the attachment. The Cloud V Aqua Bubbler will allow you to vaporize even smoother, as the vapor filters through the water each time you inhale.

How to use


  • Cools and filters vapor for optimal taste and smoothness
  • Non-spill design
  • OEM Cloud Vapes product
  • Specifically designed for the Cloud V Cloud Platinum Vaporizer


1 x CloudV Cloud Platinum Tornado Atomizer
1 x CloudV Cloud Aqua Bubbler


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