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Original oven screens for the Pax. Screens are good to replace every 4-6 months to ensure fresh and good tasting vapor. The screens do not have holes but are designed to let the vapor flow evenly over the surface and enter the air path through the sides. One pack contains three screens.

Some users have reported success by using the Pax Screens to hold down partially packed ovens. The Pax normally functions best with tightly packed ovens, but using these screens can help keeping the aromatherapy blend tightly packed even if the oven isn’t full. Please see the video below for explanation.

*Note: does not take any responsibility for damage to your Pax should you decide to use the Pax Screens in the way depicted in the video. just provides this video for informational purposes. Please be aware that the Pax was not designed to be used in this way by the manufacturer.


  • 3 Pax oven screens
  • OEM PAX Labs product for Pax


3 x Pax Screens


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