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The Arizer Extreme Q is a wonderful desktop vaporizer that offers both aromatherapy, whip and balloon modes. It produces great tasting vapor, works in all electrical outlets, offers digital temperature settings and even has a remote control. It’s a great choice for any enthusiast who wants a desktop vaporizer at an affordable price.

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The Arizer Extreme Q is a high quality vaporizer that does it all at an affordable price. The Extreme Q can do both forced air vaporization using a balloon like the famous but more expensive Volcano and direct draw using the included whip. Whether you prefer to enjoy your aromatherapy blend from a balloon or drawing the vapor directly from a whip, the Arizer Extreme Q is for you.

The stationary design of the Extreme Q makes it an ideal multifunctional desktop vaporizer. It has a digital display and fully customizable temperature settings. The included remote control can be used to perform all functions the Extreme Q is capable of.

Just like the DaVinci Ascent, the Arizer Extreme Q combines a ceramic heating chamber with an all-glass air path for supreme, clean and well tasting vapor. The glass and ceramic material is also easy to clean, making the Extreme Q simple and pain-free to maintain.

Quick Tips

  • Wait 2 minutes from when the Extreme Q says it has reached operating temperature and when you start vaporizing for optimal vapor quality.
  • Take hits nice and slow if using the whip for better tasting and bigger vapor clouds.
  • Don’t grab the glass heating chamber during or immediately after vaporizing as it will get very hot. Let the parts cool down for a few minutes before you remove them from the Extreme Q.


  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Multi-Functional Balloon & Whip Delivery
  • Remote Control
  • 360° Swivel Action Whip
  • Bright Digital Display
  • Glass-on-Glass Components With Dual Screen System
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • User-Set Automatic Shutoff Timer
  • Custom temperature from 122°F to 500° F (50°C – 260°C)


1 x Arizer Extreme Q
2 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
1 x Glass Potpourri Dish
1 x Potpourri Sample
1 x Screen Set (Contains 1 flat/1 Dome screens)
1 x Remote Control
2 x Interchangeable/Replaceable Glass Whip Mouthpieces
1 x Glass Stirring Tool
1 x 3-foot Whip
1 x Mini Whip
2 x Balloons/Bags with Glass Balloon Mouthpieces & O-Rings (one assembled)
1 x Owners Manual

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1 review for Arizer Extreme Q

  1. Jesse (verified owner)

    Works like a charm, looks nice, easy on my lungs. I’m happy with it. The top piece gets a bit hot, even with the rubber piece, but it’s not that bad.

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