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The Pax is the most popular portable vaporizer available on the market today. It is incredibly stealthy and looks very auspicious with its elegant, sleek aluminum design. Your aromatherapy blend is safely held in place with a strong magnetic oven latch which prevents accidental spills. Ultra-fast 90 second heat-up time lets you enjoy your aromatherapy blend at a moment’s notice.
Pax Vaporizer


  • Retractable mouthpiece
  • Auto shutoff
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Shake the unit to see remaining battery
  • Three heat settings
  • Aluminum unibody construction
  • Magnetic oven lid
  • Fits perfectly in your pocket
  • Extremely discreet
  • Battery lasts 2 hours
  • 60 minutes recharge on included stand

Pax Vaporizer

Usage Instructions

The Pax is a precision instrument. To get the most out of your Pax we have put together this recommended use guide based on consumer reports from around the web. Using the Pax this way will guarantee your satisfaction and will maximize the Pax’s ability to produce high quality, thick vapor clouds.

  • Finely grind your aromatherapy blend before placing it in the Pax oven.
  • Ensure that your aromatherapy blend is completely dry; moist blends will not produce as much vapor.
  • Pack the Pax oven tightly and all the way to the top while it is turned off and cold. Use a finger or a smooth instrument to gently push down the aromatherapy blend into the Pax oven. Caution: Make sure the oven is completely cool before attempting to pack it.
  • Medium temperature will ensure a good balance between vapor density and flavor.
  • Once the Pax shines green, draw slowly and continuously from the mouthpiece for up to 10 seconds.
  • Wait 20-30 seconds between draws to allow the aromatherapy blend to rest.
  • If the Pax stops producing vapor mid-way through a session, gently stir the aromatherapy blend. Caution: Do NOT use your finger for this as the oven will be very hot!


1 x Pax Vaporizer
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Cleaning Kit
1 x Wall Charger with Stand
1 x Mouthpiece Lubricant

Note: For countries with strict rules on importing vaporizers, the external product box and manual might be discarded to help clearance.

Double Screen for Smaller Oven Loads

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Onyx Black, Cobalt Blue


514 g


32 cm x 20 cm x 6 cm



4 reviews for Pax

  1. Frank

    Awesome.. I use this in malls sometimes, even did at a restaurant. It doesn’t really smell.

  2. Chatchai (verified owner)

    Very nice, shipped with dhl, very portable!

  3. champ.tanart (verified owner)

    Perfect once you get a feel for it. Remarkably easy to clean and perfect for more indulgent smokers as this vape pax (see what I did there?) with it a decently sized oven, with easy access to clean and replenish in seconds. Would highly recommend.

  4. Jane (verified owner)

    Love love love it. So easy to use, very discreet, smell dissipates in seconds. Battery life could be longer but I’ll make do. Service was great too! I’m a fussy buyer but Asiavape was really patient and helped me along.

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