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The Flowermate V5 presents an amazing vaporizing experience almost comparable to units twice it’s price. It’s sleek aluminum design makes it look like a discreet power bank. The Pyrex Glass mouth piece stoves away easily in the bottom of the vaporizer. Dual Samsung batteries assures market-leading heat-up time and run-time.

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The Flowermate V5 is a powerful yet affordable vaporizer that will surprise even the most experienced vaporizer enthusiasts. It comes with a single temperature setting which has been optimized to vaporize aromatherapy blends without ever burning them. The illuminated ceramic oven heats up in 20 seconds after which the unit is ready for use. There is no off-gassing and the taste from the Flowermate V5 is excellent due to its conduction + convection heating mechanism (read more about convection heating here).

The built-in LED light above the oven lets you keep an eye on the status of your aromatherapy blend easily. When you are finished vaporizing, simply unscrew the Pyrex Glass mouthpiece and stove it away in the bottom of the unit. The Flowermate V5 is ready to be used again as soon as you want to thanks to its huge battery capacity.

For its low price, the Flowermate V5 is one of our favorite units due to its solid performance and seemingly never-ending battery life.


  • Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece for Clean Taste
  • 20 Second Heat-up Time
  • Evenly Vaporizes Any Quantity Without Burning
  • Long Lasting Dual 2,600 mAh Samsung Li-Ion Batteries
  • LED Illuminated Heating Chamber
  • Internal Storage for Mouthpiece
  • Ceramic Oven Never Burns Your Aromatherapy Blends


1 x Flowermate V5 Vaporizer
1 x Silicone Mouthpiece
1 x Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Charger
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Packing tool
1 x Manual

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Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Red

1 review for Flowermate V5.0

  1. James

    I dropped the FlowerMate in a pitcher of beer lol.. It was on when it happened so I left it on,, quickly evacuated the liquid and when it switched off I cleaned with alcohol. Fired up right after lol… Love the thing.

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