Shaped like a Zippo lighter, the Indica Vaporizer keeps prying eyes away while looking sophisticated and refined. With five temperature settings, great battery life and an industry-leading oven size holding 0.3 grams of aromatherapy, the Indica Vaporizer offers a lot enjoyment for its compact size.

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The Indica Vaporizer is an incredibly sleek and portable vaporizer resembling a classic Zippo lighter. The sturdy chrome steel housing hides all electronics and components, giving the Indica Vaporizer a clean and refined look.

Flipping open the lid of the Indica Vaporizer reveals a single LED-lit button and a mouthpiece. The LED-lit button shows the battery level, turns the Indica on and off and controls the five temperature settings.

On the bottom side of the Indica Vaporizer a small door hides the heating oven. To remove the door, slide down and lift away from the Indica Vaporizer. The heating oven provides industry-leading capacity of 0.31 grams and the included Mini Spacers let you reduce the oven size to vaporize smaller amounts of aromatherapy if desired.

The Indica Vaporizer heats up quickly and its dual batteries keeps it powered throughout the day. Simply turn the Indica on whenever you want to enjoy your aromatherapy and it will be ready in seconds. The all-stainless steel air path ensures maximum flavor and ease of cleaning. The Indica Vaporizer does not smell when not in use thanks to its chrome steel housing. For optimum vapor production, pack tight and use a spacer together with a higher temperature setting.


  • Five temperature settings.
  • Incredibly sleek and pocketable design.
  • Outstanding battery life – over 1.5 hours of continuous use or days of moderate use.
  • Large heating chamber with adjustable size (spacers included).
  • Quick heat-up time: 20-40 seconds.*
  • Stainless steel air path guarantees great flavor.
  • Packaged in beautiful re-usable wooden storage box.

*Heat-up time varies depending on temperature setting and amount of aromatherapy material placed in oven.


1 x Indica Vaporizer
1 x AC Charger
1 x USB Charge Cord
2 x Vape Picks
3 x Mini Spacers
4 x Replacement Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush
5 x Pipe Cleaners
1 x Storage Pouch
1 x Extra Chamber Door
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Wooden Storage Box

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