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The Pinnacle Pro is the unknown champion of portable vaporizers. It is one of our most popular units thanks to its impressive vapor production, smooth taste, portability and ease of use. Coupled with the Water Tool Attachment it delivers thick, cool, water-filtered tasty vapor. Until this day, the Pinnacle Pro is one of the best portables available. Don’t let it’s simple design fool you.

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The Pinnacle Pro is a portable vaporizer that packs a serious punch. It can vaporize both aromatherapy blends and essential oils and comes with five heat settings.

The Pinnacle Pro has a ceramic heating chamber and stainless steel air path for supreme vapor taste and production. The aromatherapy blend is loaded into the Pinnacle Pro using the included vaporizer bullets.

Fast heat up time of 90 seconds ensures instant enjoyment of your aromatherapy blends. The five available temperature settings are: 370F, 395F, 420F, 445F, 470F. A stainless steel bullet can be used in conjunction with the top temperature setting (470 F) for essential oils.

Water Tool Attachment

An optional mini Scientific Glass Water Tool Attachment provides an extra layer of water filtration for your vapor. The Water Tool filters your vapor through a layer of water before it reaches your mouth, lowering the vapor temperature and increasing the flavor. A built in splash guard prevents any water from reaching your mouth while inhaling. The Water Tool Attachment has a 14mm joint, making it compatible with any vaporizer or attachment that requires a 14mm connection.

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  • One button operation
  • Five heat settings
  • Automatic shut off after 9 minutes
  • Can vaporize both aromatherapy blends and essential oils
  • Water Tool attachment
  • Durable; body made from high impact heat resistant plastic
  • Ceramic oven and stainless steel heat path
  • Completely portable
  • 50 minute battery life
  • 90 second heat up time


1 x Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer
1 x Wall Charger
1 x Filling Canisters
1 x Essential Oil Canister
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

Upgrade also includes:

1 x Mini Water Tool Attachment
1 x 14 mm adapter

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Voltage Input


No Attachment, Water Tool

Vaporizer Size

Length: 5 inch, Width: 1 inch

Water Tool Size

Length: 5.2 inch, Width: 1.1 inch

1 review for Pinnacle Pro

  1. James

    The quality of the vapour is unreal for a portable. It can also be used while charging, has very good battery life, and the bubbler atachment makes the vapour so smooth you don’t even feel it until you exhale. It also uses a “bullet” loading system which I didnt like at first, but if you buy the extra bullets with the case, it makes swapping out new loads incredibly fast and convenient.

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