Shipping Vapes to India FAQ

Lots of customers ask us if we ship vapes to India and the answer is yes. We have been shipping vaporizers to India for several years and we have so far cleared all shipments through customs when required. Customers who want to buy a vape in India often have similar questions, so we decided to compile a small FAQ for our Indian friends.

Can you ship to India?

We ship to the whole country of India via DHL Express, FedEx and UPS. The shipping cost to your region will be shown on the cart page and checkout page once you have entered your city, zip code, region and country.

How long does it take to ship to India?

Shipping takes 5-10 days and depends on your location in India, and from which warehouse your order is shipped from. We ship to India from our warehouses in the United States, Europe, and Malaysia. We use a combination of UPS, FedEx and DHL Express. Shipping from Malaysia to India is generally the fastest, followed by Europe and the United States.

Are the products genuine?

We are official authorized resellers of several brands including DaVinci, DynaVap and Arizer. We purchase all inventory from official and authorized distributors in the United States and Europe. We only carry genuine, original brands. German brands such as Storz & Bickel are usually shipped from our European location, whereas Canadian and American brands (Arizer, Pax) are shipped from our US location. All eligible products come with original manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period can be found on the product page under the “additional information” tab.

Will there be problems in customs?

We use discreet shipping boxes, package the products stealthily and don’t mention vaporizer anywhere on the package or shipping label. Customs might ask for documentation, in which case we will help you. So far none of our shipments to India have been lost or confiscated by Indian customs. We also offer a customs clearance insurance that can be optionally added on the checkout page. With this insurance, you will get your product refunded or have the product re-shipped for free in the event your shipment is confiscated by customs. More details on the optional customs clearance insurance can be found here.

If you have any additional questions about shipping to India, write a comment below and we will answer your question.

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    • We have been able to clear Indian customs when shipping our inventory to Indian customers. These vaporizers are not normally considered e-cigarettes and are not declared as such. They are functionally different from e-cigarettes due to being designed for use with dried herbs/aromatherapy.


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