Introducing Safe Shipping of Vapes to Thailand

We are excited to announce our new safe shipping method between Malaysia and Thailand. The shipping method is called J&T / Flash (land transport, tax free). It is available when purchasing dry herb vaporizers from our warehouse in Malaysia and shipping them to Thailand. You can select the shipping method on the checkout page after adding products from the Malaysia warehouse to your shopping cart.

As the name suggests, the shipping method is tax free and relies on land transport for delivery as opposed to airline transport. Products first move from our warehouse in Malaysia to the Thai border and clear customs via a brokered arrangement. Import taxes and customs duties are handled by us. Once the products have cleared customs they are forwarded for delivery within Thailand as local shipments. We use J&T Express and Flash Express for the final leg of delivery. Both carriers offer tracking numbers, which will be provided to customers shortly before delivery.

This shipping method is safe and free from import taxes and customs duties. We also offer the optional customs clearance insurance when using this method, for complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event your shipment was somehow seized by customs, the customs clearance insurance would guarantee you a 100% refund on all product costs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this new shipping method. Otherwise, please visit the Malaysia Warehouse to start shopping.

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