Introducing Safe Shipping of Vapes to Thailand

We are excited to announce our new safe shipping solution for Thailand. The shipping method is called J&T / Flash. Both Free Shipping and J&T / Flash rely on this shipping method.

Our inventory is physically stored in Malaysia for security reasons, but we deliver to Thai customers from our warehouse in Bangkok. How does this work? We take responsibility for the entire chain of custody from our warehouse in Malaysia to your doorstep in Thailand. Orders first move to the border and taxes and customs clearance are handled by us. Once your order arrives at our Bangkok Warehouse, your address details are printed and the order is forwarded to you for delivery. We use carriers such as Flash Express, Kerry Express, J&T Express, Ninja Van and many others. Our Bangkok Warehouse will decide which carrier to use for the final leg of delivery.

Once the Bangkok Warehouse has forwarded your order, a tracking number is assigned and will be provided to you via email. You can then track the progress of your shipment as it travels from Bangkok to your destination. The whole process from dispatch to delivery normally takes 3-6 business days.

Want to know more? Feel free contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, please visit the Bangkok Warehouse to start shopping.

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