Introducing Stash Safes (with review)

We are happy to announce that stash safes can now be bought on our website. A stash safe is a safe storage container that looks like a different product. We introduce the Coca Cola Stash Safe and the Aquafina Stash Safe as our first two products in this category.

We bought and tested both the Coca Cola stash safe and Aquafina stash safe to ensure that they live up to the high standards we promote on this site. Here are our findings:

Coca Cola Stash Safe Review

The Coca Cola stash safe looks just like an ordinary Coca Cola can. When the top is fully screwed on it is impossible to distinguish it from a normal soda can. The can is filled with a foam material that surrounds the internal hidden storage compartment. This material adds heft to the can and makes it feel like a real soda can. The can feels slightly firmer than a real can but this is because it has been strengthened to be more durable. Our verdict is that if you are caught with the Coca Cola stash safe, your valuables are unlikely to be discovered unless the can is opened.


Aquafina Stash Safe Review

The Aquafina stash safe has a bigger compartment inside compared to the Coca Cola safe. The top and bottom of the Aquafina bottle is filled with water. The top part is refillable but the bottom part is sealed. The Aquafina stash safe is made of a harder material compared to an ordinary bottle and feels sturdier. The weight of the Aquafina bottle is identical to a normal 24 oz soda bottle. Because the weight is distributed to the top and bottom part of the bottle however, it feels slightly unnatural when picked up. The interior compartment cannot be seen from the outside but it gives the water a blurry look when observed from certain angles. Our verdict is that if you are caught with the Aquafina stash safe, your valuables are unlikely to be discovered unless the bottle is picked up and given a closer inspection. Therefore, we recommend the Aquafina stash safe to be stored in a cup holder in your car, in your refrigerator or just away from prying eyes. The Aquafina stash safe trades discreetness with increased storage capacity.


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