European Month! MiniVAP & Plenty – Now Available

This month is European month because we are not only introducing one but two new vaporizers both designed and made in Europe. The Plenty is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, the same company that makes the famous Volcano. The MiniVAP is designed and manufactured in Spain and is the first portable vaporizer to rival the desktop units when it comes to vapor production and taste. So what exactly makes these two units so special? Let’s dive right in and find out.

Storz & Bickel Plenty

The Plenty is a renowned direct draw vaporizer that plugs into your wall electrical outlet for power. Direct draw vaporizers produce a steady amount of vapor which you can enjoy by inhaling directly from the unit. For more information about different vapor deliver methods, see our guide.

The Plenty produces a large amount of great tasting vapor thanks to being plugged into the wall. It is also completely silent as it doesn’t need an air pump to operate. The cooling coil works great and helps bring down the temperate of the vapor to comfortable level once you inhale. The Plenty works with both dried aromatherapy blends and essential oils.


The MiniVAP is the first portable vaporizer to feature true convection heating. This means that the aromatherapy isn’t constantly heated and only produces vapor when you inhale. The MiniVAP is constructed of medical grade materials, including an all aluminum housing for durability and heat resistance.

The MiniVAP can be fitted with either a battery for up to three hours of continuous use, or it can be used with an AC adapter for unlimited wall power (sold separately, select your preferred setup when adding to cart). The MiniVAP has been renowned as a Volcano “killer” because of the high quality vapor it produces. is proud to be one of the first stores in Asia to feature this unit. The MiniVAP works with both dried aromatherapy blends and essential oils.